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 Warmaster Ancients!

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david michie
david michie

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Warmaster Ancients! Empty
PostSubject: Warmaster Ancients!   Warmaster Ancients! EmptyThu Feb 19, 2015 5:31 pm

OK minions as per the rules I will be posting various games slander and general Ancient stuff here.

Firstly, the scale I use is 15mm ish as some of the Spartans are shall we say a bit larger than that.

Also the armies I have is as follows:

Romans, various types.
Greeks again various types.
Generic naked or semi naked warbands.

I have tried to keep my armies generic so that theey can straddle various periods in history.  To me Roman is Roman and I dont care if they have the 1st Centuary AD shield markings or the 43 AD marking.

I will hopefully be running some games in the near future so remember worship the Bull or else!
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Warmaster Ancients!
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