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 Forum Rules: Age of Sigmar

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PostSubject: Forum Rules: Age of Sigmar   Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:18 pm

Forum Rules: Age of Sigmar

Due to the nature of Age of Sigmar and the animosity surrounding it, we have implemented the following rules.  Please remember that the purposes of this forum are to discuss the playing of the system at our club.

  1. Keep it positive:  This forum area was made for players to discuss their love for Age of Sigmar.  Doom sayers will have their Topics/Posts deleted.
  2. Keep it constructive: Rules discussions, criticisms, etc should be constructive.  Don't just say you hate it, tell us why and how you think it could be improved.
  3. Warhammer Fantasy:  There is an entire forum section for this, discuss it there.
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Forum Rules: Age of Sigmar
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